How to Earn Money at Home for Housewife in India 2020

Tired of a regular 9 to 5 desk job?

Working from home gives you a chance to do the work you want at your convenient time. There is no limit to opportunities.

So here is the next question, How to make money online from home in India?

In this blog, we have recommended our list of options to make money online from home. The below content has been curated to help people start earning money without a huge investment. This can also help mothers, homemakers and students to start making money for more independent living.


Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money online in India without any investment. You just need to have a strong primary skill and some marketing skills to put yourself ahead in front of the clients.

You can provide services like app development, content writing, web designing, digital marketing and many more. Promote yourself on various freelance websites to get every possible opportunity.

Register yourself in sites like Fiverr to highlight your services to a larger society. The price starts at $5 but based on the service provided you can charge more money.


As you all know, people nowadays tend to earn in millions using the YouTube platform. It may not be easy to get good money in initial periods. However, it is all doable if your videos are engaging which in turn earns you more subscribers.

Your videos can be either entertaining or informative, targeting a niche audience (students/ladies). Apply for Google AdSense to display ads between your videos. The earnings will depend on the advertising cost for 1000 views. Get started with our Youtube-Adsense Course for the best monetization methods.


You can earn a fortune by simply blogging. Blogging is definitely a good option to earn money online. It can be either your personal blogs or content which might help your business to grow.

You can easily get started with blogging using WordPress. Write quality and engaging content. Learn a few concepts of SEO to gain more traffic to your website.

Apply to Google AdSense or any other ad networks to earn money from your website. With high-quality content and good website traffic, you can end up earning $100 per day. You can also check out our AdSense course, which might help you to make a better profit.

Social Media

Start earning money through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Social media serves to be one of the best ways to promote business. Such companies or individuals can approach you to help them increase their fan base.

The larger the community the better you are paid. Get familiar with social media marketing and you will be paid directly for every content promotion and post.

Affiliate Marketing

How to make money from home In India? One of the best answers would be affiliate marketing. The basic concept of affiliate marketing is, if you make a consumer purchase a product you will get a commission from the merchant.

You can sign up affiliate marketing with platforms like Amazon or Flipkart. You will be given a specific link to make the purchase. If users buy through the link given by you then you make a profit.

You don’t need to own a website to do affiliate marketing. A good online presence also works out. You can put up your links on social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Quora, etc.

Survey Jobs

An interesting and easy way to make money online is surveying. This money-making option does not demand any skill in you.

Many companies would like to get feedback and hence they contact several survey agencies. If you have registered with one of those, you may get good chances of earning a few bucks every day.

A few hours of surveying can easily fetch you some good returns. Some surveys even provide up to $10 for feedback. You can also try surveys from the below list of websites

  •         Toluna
  •         Survey Junkie
  •         Onepoll
  •         LifePoints
  •         YouGov
  •         InboxPounds

Buy & Sell Domains

This is very similar to how you buy and sell products in a market. Some people may not want to develop a website from scratch. Instead, they would like to just rent your website until their work is done.

You can even sell your domain if you have good traffic and SEO score. If your domain has a special name then its value is also good in the market.

So if you already own a domain, develop a proper website and drive organic traffic. You can easily sell these at a huge profit at marketplaces like

Review websites and apps

Making money by reviewing products is a good idea on how to make money online from home. There are websites like in the market which provide websites or software products to be reviewed.

Each review process will take up to 15 minutes and can bag you around $5 – $10. Sign up with these websites and you can soon see a list of products to review in your inbox.

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