6 Best Ways Housewives Can Make Money Online

Do you know there are plenty of money-making opportunities on the internet? That can add an extra revenue stream to your income.

You can earn online any amount of money that you desire. It doesn’t need any Ph.D. or any other specialized college degree to make money online. All you need is the desire to make money and the momentum to move forward.

The amount of money that you want to make online depends on the desire you have and the amount of effort you are ready to put. You might have heard that people work 3 – 4 hours per week and make thousands. But I want to let you know that this is not possible in the initial days of setting things up.

I will walk you through different ideas using which you can earn. Also, note that I am not here for advocating about getting rich quick scheme or asking you to quit your 9-5 job immediately. You can leave your day job when you get sustainable recurring revenue for your online business. Until then, use all the resources available within your reach and take advantage of it to build your online money-making machine.

Become a Youtuber

When you want to know how to cook a specific dish  or to make a origami animals for your kids, you obviously turn  to YouTube looking for recipes and tutorials. You search Youtube with the keyword that matches your needs, and you find a video that solves your problem.

The video maker has uploaded the video to solve your problem. Likewise, you can also become a Youtuber who solves others problem. There are two categories of people who make a good YouTube channel. One who entertains and the other is the one who educates. If you are well-versed on specific topics, then you can probably jump onto making videos about it. There are plenty of open-source video editors that you can use to edit the videos and upload it to your YouTube channel.

The more the quality content, the more the views. And the views are proportional to the amount you’ll earn. Once you have reached the threshold subscribers/views then you can start monetizing from your videos. Check our YouTube Adsense course to monetize the best out of your videos.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and easy ways to make money online. You don’t need to set up a online store to sell the products. You don’t have to stock up the inventory, or handle the logistics, or even the payment part. In simple words, you are promoting others’ products, and when a sale is made through your affiliate link, then you get the reward.Sign up for an affiliate account with any e-commerce website, and you can earn a little percentage of the sale as a affliate commission.

 Choose a particular niche that you’re interested in and create your website using WordPress. Write and publish content that provides information and reviews about the product you are promoting. Frame your content in such a way that this product solves the readers problem.

Become a Freelancer

If you know how to program, write content, do a graphic design then you can find plenty of jobs online. But the problem here is you’ll have to put a lot of effort, and it is also time-consuming task. It is again the same as a day job, but you can do it in your comfort sitting at home.

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork is the best platform for freelancers to find gigs. Create your profile and showcase your skills in these websites. Initially, it may not be easy to get the job. But keep moving, and bid for the tasks posted by the buyers. Then slowly you focus on doing small task and get high rating. And then you’ll get more job requests as you become highly rated provider.

Learn to Trade Stocks

Trading stocks requires capital to start. You must learn the fundamentals of the stock market and the trading techniques. Also you must create your trade strategy. You must also learn to handle your emotions and should develop a mindset to cope up with the gains and loss.

The stock market is the place where you can make a tremendous amount of money in a short span of time. But there is also a high risk of losing the capital. So you must act promptly in case if the market is going against your prediction.

You don’t have to stop with stocks; you can also trade oil, agriculture commodities, metals, and currencies. There are separate exchanges for this trade and require you to be aware of the world’s economic position. Sign up with a discount broker for a trading account and do trade on paper for first sox months and then start with the real money.

Earn from Writing

Writing is a quick way to earn some good money, and many writers are making a good living out of writing. You don’t need to have an English literature degree to start writing online. You can improve your writing and get better at it only by practicing the skill everyday. Get a course on grammar.

Companies are looking for writers who can write blogs, technical documentation, and web copy for their products and services. Companies are ready to pay writers who create compelling quality content and can offer you up to Rs.20000 for an article. 

Start your e-Commerce Store

Start your e-commerce store and you can start selling to customers across the globe. There are no limitations to what you can sell. You can sell anything from baby supplies to automobile spares, provided you have the right supplier who can fulfill your inventory on time.

You must validate your idea at first and must start lean before putting more effort and money into the online store. Once the concept validation proves to be fruitful, you can scale your online store to other geographical territories and expand your product line

You can use opensource software like Woocommerce to establish your store. You can do the set up yourself, but I would recommend hiring a freelancer developer who set up the store quickly. Teach yourself the skills of SEO, ad copywriting, and apply it to your business.

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