Make Money with Android Apps and AdMob Ads for Smart Passive Monthly AdSense Income (Extra Income)

As we all see, there is a big loss in all businesses except pharma and Information Technology field. We at Lethona Technologies provides latest and trendy mobile apps with Admob integration at cheap cost with high quality. Our Android apps are cash cows once it’s launched it will start making money for you while you sleep. When you compare all other business android apps are the best as you can continue your daily work without worrying about side income.

Passive AdMob ads Income with Android Apps Development

Our apps are best suitable for corporate and government employees, college students, housewives and others who want to set permanent passive side income. 

We bet you can get an amazing profit out of the apps we deliver as we have discovered stuff to make money online for you. A rapid method of passive making money online that is last actually.

It’s a  proven and legal method to increase their AdSense / Admob Revenue.  We discovered a system to earn true autopilot income with Android Apps and Google AdMob.

We provide end to end support from developing your app until launching it.

The apps are free and you will earn through Admob ads and free Apps we develop are being downloaded thousands of times more than the paid app.

Our apps have the potential to earn at least $2 every day from one App within 2-4 weeks as we choose apps based on deep research.

You can earn $4-5 from some apps and $1 from some apps.

On average, you can upload unlimited apps inside one Google Publisher account and developer account.

If you still got any questions, contact us using WhatsApp with your query and we’ll be more than happy to help you out! We are online 15 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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You Choose your Desired Plan and Pay Us

We send you list of apps to choose from it.

We will make all Content, Icons, Screenshots, Splash Screen etc.

You’ll send us AdMob Banner & Interstitial Ad Codes to put in Apps

We will make your Android App with APK File/ABB Bundle

You’ll buy Play Store Developer Console from Google (Cost $25 one time)

We’ll make all Graphics and Content required

We’ll publish your App on your Play Store Developer Console

Your Apps will get ranked on Play Store within 3-4 weeks


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