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Get your business to appear in the first place of Google with Lethona. A Search engine optimization(SEO) company in Chennai.

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Lethona Technologies, A Digital Marketing company in Chennai have a team of SEO experts to optimize your website to increase the targeted traffic and increase sales. Start working with the Leading Search engine optimization service company in Chennai to capture targeted leads from Google for free.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO (Search engine optimization) is a methodology or technique for optimizing a website to rank well on search engines. SEO can help your business grow and meet the business objectives so that your website perform well in organic search. SEO can provide substantial traffic growth to your website by acquiring a high ranking position in the search engine result page(SERP) of top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Why Lethona’s Professional SEO Service Company

Are you the one who is so confused to target your audience in this big marketing crowd, We here at Lethona will provide you top notch and at the same time cost effective SEO service to meet your business goals. We are a leading SEO company in Chennai, India with a ranch of best and top notch SEO Strategists and SEO Specialists with unique strategies & techniques which made us stand out from the crowd.

Every business is unique and hence we aware that SEO needs for your ventures are equally unique, We are proficient with most appropriate SEO Tools & SEO strategies and we will help your business to gain a strong online presence. Whether you already own a website or just started a new one worry not! we can help you with all the best SEO Services.

Our best SEO Services in Chennai can filter out your targeted audience from the crowd

Our High-Level SEO Process includes

Our Top 3 quality process which elevates your business is,

Website Analysis / Website Audit:

Website analysis or website audit is a primary and effective step in the whole SEO process, understanding your website and the process is the key to drive leads and to improve sales for your business.

Keyword Research:

Keyword analysis is nothing but, getting to know about the trending search term and user requirements as a search query in the search engine. Targeting the right keywords for your website means targeting the right audience to grow your business. We start with the following

=> Finding the high performing keywords that are already ranking and driving traffic to the site.

=> Finding the low performing keywords that are not ranking well to improve the ranking.

=> Checking for new keyword opportunities which will be used to produce new content using Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush and other SEO tools.

Competitive Analysis:

Identifying your competitors and analyzing were you positioned in the marketing field helps your organization to have a better insight into your business. We at Lethona have some unique cost effective and top industry leading software to perform this analysis and our best SEO experts will come up with a better SEO strategy to leverage the business.

After this quality process, we will step into the medieval process which includes:

Technical SEO:

On-page, optimization plays a vital role to organize your cluttered website. The primary goal is to make your website more understandable and should be appropriate to both clients and google bots of the search engines.

On-page techniques include sitemap creations ( which help Google bots to reach and crawl your site), URL optimization, rewriting keywords enriched meta title and meta description and etc., our valuable SEO experts in Chennai from Lethona has hands-on experience in 50 types of on-page optimization techniques.

Off-page Optimisation:

If you ever wonder does off page optimization still exists! Yes, it does! Off-page optimization is nothing but an effective link building strategy which means branding or spreading your business digitally and effectively in this wide marketing field.

Content Strategy:

As all known content is the king, as Google algorithms are mostly reliable with content, we will write or rewrite your content with targeting keywords and we make sure it will meet all google’s guidelines and relevancy.

What SEO can do to Improve Your Business

We will assure you to bring both search engine trust and customer trust to your website (which results in high sales & leads).

The first step will provide more customer engagements which lead to more traffic

Traffic leads to conversions & ROIs and brand awareness.

Now let’s surf with the business to reach your business goals and its lot more than what we have explained here, want to experience our service?  Contact us now and acquire the best SEO services in Chennai, Bangalore, India & other countries at an affordable price.

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