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Bring new customers from Google using Search, Display, Video, Shopping, in-mail & Remarketing Ads with Leathona. A leading PPC management company in Chennai. 

Looking for Google Adwords / PPC management Service company in Chennai, India.?

Lethona Technologies, A Digital Marketing company in Chennai have the certified Google Adwords expert team to manage and improve your PPC ad campaign performance. Our Google Adwords Specialists will instantly drive leads and improve sales for your business.  

What is Google Adwords?

Google AdWords is an Advertising system through which advertisers can show ads to their potential customers when they search, browse and see videos on Google and it’s partner sites  to increase the brand visibility and sales online. 

Why Google Adwords?

  • Google Adwords is a most trusted &  widely used Advertising Platform by all businesses.
  • It give very clear & insightful reports of traffic, Conversion & ROI.
  • You can narrow down your audience targeting by their language, Location, interest and even the device they are using for easy business conversion.
  • Highly Targeted Instant Traffic 
  • You can control how much to invest in AdWords and set daily limits for your campaigns
  • Faster results than with SEO
  • Different types of campaign to achieve your business goal.
  • More Conversion & ROI
  • No Big Budget Required

Google AdWords is a powerful Advertising technique &  an inbound marketing method to acquire targeted traffic with more conversion rate in the market. 

Problems in Managing Google Adwords Campaign 

  • Unorganised Campaigns 
  • Very Less Ad copies 
  • No Proper Targeting
  • Not using proper keywords & match type
  • Not adding negative Keyword List
  • Not making use of  structured snippet & Ads Extensions
  • No A/B Testing campaign
  • Not making use of Remarketing Campaign
  • No proper Conversion Tracking 

How we help small and medium business to succeed in the online Market 

Our PPC  Management Services in Chennai Include:

We understands what it takes to develop a solid Google AdWords strategy for our clients. Our Adwords expert team will research about it and start building strong Adwords Strategy to bring more optimized results.

After identifying your targeted market, Our Adwords Specialist team will start working on campaign creation and revamping your existing campaign if any by doing the following

  • Reviewing your Adwords account to make sure it’s targeting the right audience
  • Reviewing your landing page to make sure it is related to ad campaigns
  • Deciding the targeted location for the campaign
  • Helping to set Adwords Budget 
  • Working on Keyword research, Ad copy Creation, Landing page creation to set up campaigns 
  • Choosing category of campaign to create.
  • Enabling lead capturing and implementing conversion tracking. 

Once all requirements are in place, our Specialist will start creating campaigns in an organised way based on Google’s best practices and work with you to optimise the campaigns continuously to improve the performance. Also, Lethona’s team will give you on going recommendations and insights that matters for your business.  

Why Choose Lethona Adwords Campaign Management Company

 Google Adwords PPC Campaign management is often a time-consuming process for small & medium businesses. Finally, they will end up wasting time and money on Ads. 

We have Adwords certified experts team to get your campaign organized and optimized to bring more value to your business.  So that you can concentrate on your core business. 

We have worked on many industries including Real Estate, Technology, Education, Software, Hotels, Design, Foods and more. 

We begin by identifying the purpose of your PPC campaign, and from there do comprehensive keywords research, match options, bids, budgets, ads and tracking on a continuing basis.

Benefits of our PPC Campaign  Management Service

  • Your Ad account will be managed by Lethona’s Adwords professionals
  • Just set-it and forget it as everything will be handled by our experts
  • Guaranteed Results and improved ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Get monthly reports detailing all aspects of any alterations, changes and results.
  • Help you to fix Adwords Budget